Realchain Link

The Realchain Link is an open-source, decentralized, and secured sidechain used to power digital assets interoperability transactions. The Realchain Link is a two-way pegged trustless sidechain and peer-to-peer network that operates on the EVM Chain infrastructure.


Realchain Link facilitates the scalability and usability for developers to build an effective user-facing decentralized application (dApp) on the protocol. We bestow a massive opportunity for developers to execute and deploy smart contracts easily. The Realchain Link sidechain protocol enables users to create Real-20 coins that support the dApps built on the network.


Realchain Link network adopts a simple lightweight architecture while curtailing the resources to ensure high performance. It is highly compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine that allows developers to deploy smart contracts quickly and effortlessly. RCL network has the ability to employ smart contracts makes it more robust and secure.


Being backed by astute and resourceful professionals who have hands-on experience in the blockchain domain, Our Mission is,

  • To confer the developers a seamless and hassle-free sidechain protocol to develop decentralized applications
  • To cater secure an interoperable ecosystem to create Real-20 tokens and assist the decentralized applications (dApps)
  • To facilitate a two-way peg that enables the interchangeability of digital assets between the chains


  • To empower a sustainable, fair, transparent, and adaptive sidechain protocol for developers worldwide that enables them to build decentralized applications and their native tokens
  • To link the digital assets to activate the cross-chain capabilities across different networks
  • To offer a reliable, interoperable, and frictionless ecosystem for applications

Realchain Link Rental Transaction Eco-System

RCL Blockchain

RCL Blockchain is a contemporary sidechain protocol that acts as a hub for digital asset trading and international payments. Realchain Link allows anyone to create their own dApps and their native currency on the protocol.

RCL Blockchain Explorer

Like any other network, the Realchain Link also comes up with a blockchain explorer called RCLScan. It permits anyone outside the network to view various public data like addresses, smart contracts, transactions, etc.

The Native Utility Coin

The Real coins are the indigenous cryptocurrency of the Realchain Link network that is built on the REAL-20 standard token. Real coins act as a primary vital payment method on the platform and also be utilized as a utility coin for other dApps developed on the platform.

Create Your Real-20 Tokens

The Realchain Link sidechain protocol leverages the users to create their own tokens apart from the Real Coins. The users should furnish the name, symbol, description, total supply of the token, market cap, circulation time, the exchange rate to the native coin, and others.


Bridging is a compatible pathway with a phenomenal cross-chain ability that approves anyone to transfer assets from one blockchain to another. The bridging functionality in the Realchain Link ecosystem helps to connect different chains.

Sidechain Development

Develop a Sidechain to facilitate a secure and hassle-free exchange of crypto assets between the secondary blockchain and the mainnet. Sidechain development can expand the ecosystem by securely transferring digital assets like tokens between blockchains.


Immutable Ownership Rights

The significant feature of Realchain Link is that it provides an immutable ownership right of digital assets to the users who hold them.


The key feature of Realchain Link is cross-chain functionality that allows users to connect with different blockchain networks.

High Liquidity

The Reachain Link authorizes the users to trade crypto assets instantly while ensuring a high level of liquidity for the users who hold the assets.

Lucrative Returns

The holders of Real coins can yield excellent returns by simply locking their crypto assets for a certain period. It is the best lucrative investment option for users to hold native coins.

Reduces Transaction Cost

The RCL sidechain helps to increase the performance of the parent blockchain by sharing loads. Therefore, it enables making various real estate transactions with lower gas fees and high speed.


Sidechain protocol consolidates the feature of bridging two different blockchains. If the transactions take more time in one blockchain then it optimizes to make the transaction on another blockchain.


The decentralized sidechain protocol permits users to transfer assets easily and quickly by eliminating the middlemen or centralized authorities.


Quarter 1 2019

The idea was planted.

Quarter 1 2022

the conceptualized design was finalized for Realchaink Link & Fashion Fair House Brand

Quarter 2 2022

Real Chainlink infrastructure began phase 1 Development of the Sidechain Real Coins & Bridging interoperability

Quarter 2

Fashion Fair house brand strategy developed

Quarter 3

Discovery phase begin for Fashion Fair House platform and Fashion FairHouse Home Design game with Real Chain Link integration

Quarter 4

Real chain-link architecture side chain real coins smart contracts and bridging service developed & deployed.

Quarter 4

Seed round begin target raise 3,444,412.

Quarter 2 2023

Pre-Launch Fashion Fair House Platform & Home Design Game.

Quarter 2 2023

Full Launch FFH Business Lounge & Co working Space.

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